Friday, March 20, 2015

Who's Who at Bittersweet Farm

Who’s Who at Bittersweet Farm

Talia Margolin—18 year old trainer at Bittersweet Farm, her horse is Freudigen Geist, stable name CB, Butch her junior horse and two ponies Garter and Foxy Loxy also live at the farm.
Greer Swope—Talia’s 18 year old sister.  Her horses are Counterpoint, Citabria whose stable name is Bria and Tea Biscuit her junior hunter.
Andrew Swope—their father
Sarah Margolin—Talia’s mother, now deceased, Andrew’s ex-wife
Victoria Rowe—Greer’s mother, Andrew’s ex-wife
Julietta “Jules” Finzi—private chef and confident to the girls.
Lockie Malone—head trainer at the farm, Talia’s love interest.  His horse is Wingspread.
Cameron Rafferty (Cooper)—show jumper, Greer’s potential love interest.  His horses are Whiskey Tango, Jetzt Oder Nie and his childhood pony, Remington.
Kate Rafferty Cooper—Cam’s mother
Fitch Cooper—Cam’s father
Kerwin Rafferty—Cam’s grandfather
Caprice “Cap” Rydell—barn manager, her horse is Bijou
Millais “Mill” Crocker—Cap’s boyfriend who is involved with the polo horses belonging to Teche Chartier.
Teche Chartier—owns Chartier Spices “Scorching the world one mouth at a time”.  From Louisiana originally, Teche has a large estate nearby, one in Florida, travels on business and he enjoys life and horses.
Poppy Beck—Talia’s riding student.  Her pony is Tango Pirate
Gincy Hamblett—Talia’s riding student.  Her pony is Beau Peep
Holliday “Day” Jamieson—local rider, her grandmother is the master of the Newbury Hunt.  A talented artist, her horse is named Poussiere de Lune, Moon Dust and his stable name is Moonie.
Buckaroo “Buck” Bouley—15 year old who wants to be an event rider
Peter Bouley—Buck’s father
Dr. Rue Tennyson—the psychiatrist Buck’s grandmother has tasked with controlling him
Nicole Boisvert—Greer’s junior division nemesis.  Her new hunter is named Obilot
Ellen Berlin—runs the business end of the Miry Brook Hunt Club
Mackay Berlin—Ellen’s son.  He’s a charming financial advisor and helping organize the Miry Brook show.
Fiori “Fifi” Finzi—Jules’s beautiful bad girl sister.
Ethan Monroe—the town police officer married to Sassy.  Jingles is their dog.
Jingles—a Mastiff who participates in the Ambassador of Good Cheer project, Greer’s charity.
Trish Meade—14 year old girl in the 4-H who trained Oliver to be the Ambassador of Good Cheer.
Oliver—rescue dog who is very cheerful
Joly—Greer’s rescued pit bull puppy, who adores her
Dr. Fortier—the veterinarian
Dr. Jarosz—Lockie’s medical specialist in New York City.
Amanda Hopkins—teacher who is also helping Greer with her charity work
Bertie Warner—Greer’s side saddle instructor
Sloane Radclyffe—wealthy socialite with a large farm in Pennsylvania
Ellis Ferrers—a rider at the farm briefly, and bought a horse through Cam
Jennifer Nicholson—Lockie’s ex-girlfriend
Freddi—working student
Sabine—Greer’s former best friend
Rui-their former train-wreck of a trainer
Gesine Hamm-Hartmann—Lockie’s dressage trainer in Germany.

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