Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Her Cold Kiss, Live and Possibly Dead

Yay, Amazon.  This is the first time you published something faster than BN.  Well done, you!  So Her Cold Kiss is live at Amazon right as I type.

It's not intended to be a secret, but I did use a pen name on the book because it's not for the same audience as Dream Horse readers.  It was a little bit of a difficult decision to make and I hope it works.

Here's the final cover.

Taking the risk of spoiling the story's journey, here's the last line

"Her lips were so cold, it was like kissing a dead thing."

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Her Cold Kiss

Or at least that's what I think it will be titled by the time I publish it.  There more work to writing a book, but just because you got to the end doesn't mean you're done so there's always quite a bit of work still to be accomplished.  Sometimes what you thought in the beginning changes by the end so you have to make it all compatible.

I've been working on a cover.  This is the best place to try it out even though Photoshop is lovely, you want to see the art in a less kind venue. 

Here's the blurb

From the first moment she saw him, she knew she loved him, would always love him, had always loved him.  They came from two worlds but he was as perfect for her as she was for him.  She loved music and he was a musician.  He had eyes so beautiful it made her catch her breath.  She longed to be caressed by his hands, to be touched by him, to be loved by him.  Her life became about one thing—making sure they were together always.
She would do anything to make it happen.
And if she was his high school English teacher, why should that matter?  This time they would get it right.  This was a love for the ages.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Freebie Weekend The Missed Wish

My novella, The Missed Wish, is having a free weekend.  Here's the link.  THE MISSED WISH
Download away.  If not for Chris Westphal, it wouldn't exist.  This is what happens when you carry an idea around for  ten years.  It becomes so heavy the handles start to rip off the tote bag and you either drop it or you write it.

Here's the blurb:

“Greg Rydell loved being married so much, he did it twice. The only problem was instead of sequentially, he did it concurrently.”

You’d love to have this said about your father on national television, too, right? No, you’d hate having a bigamist as your father and so did I.

I tossed a coin into the fountain and wished for my family, suddenly I had two of them. I knew when I went back to grab my quarter, I had gotten the wrong coin. Now I was getting someone else’s wish—to be famous.

All this insanity was played out in front of Mill Crocker, the captain of the school polo team and the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen or expected to see. Of course the humiliation didn’t didn’t stop at keeling over in the dead faint when the news about the Rydell Family 2.0 was revealed, or when I went on a stupid talk show to tell my father exactly what I thought of him or being chased by reporters on my first date with Mill. Embarrassment lurked everywhere waiting for me.

Somehow it didn’t bother Mill. He liked me because I was fearless on a horse and could ride as well as he did.

Mill didn’t take my wishing seriously but I did. I wished I could be with him forever.

The way things were going, that was stacking up to be my missed wish unless I got the right coin back. But how was I going to find it among the thousands in the fountain?