Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not Low Maintenance

It's all maintenance, so I decided I was not very happy with the last cover.  I liked the international nullification symbol cover but I suspect people didn't understand it.

New cover.

We dodged the Sandy bullet and I was well prepared for it.  After Irene when the power was out for four days, I told my pal I needed a laptop so I could keep working.  He found a four year old business Dell coming off lease that was practically worthless to everyone else but very valuable to me.  That was ready, a thumbdrive with current files plugged into it.  All batteries were charged, I had flashlights everywhere, jugs and jugs of water, clean clothes, dog laundry done.  I was so ready and it was just some rain.  I'm very grateful and very sorry for those not as fortunate.

The unfortunate reality of life is that most of us have very little control over what happens to us.  We are exhorted to be powerful, but we waste more time on addressing things we have no control over and little time on addressing what we can control.

Don't do that.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Love Being Agreed With

Don't we?

Bad Apple received a very nice review from tHe crooKed WorD.  So we're happy about that, aren't we, and hope it leads to greater visibility and interest.
This is a very realistic story, which in some ways will break your heart. In others, you'll love it.

There's a lot going on in this book, but I don't want to go into it. Too many spoilers. It reads quickly, and you'll want to push through to learn what happens.
If  I could say one thing in reply, if it's read too fast, you'll miss important elements.  I know that those who have said they've read these books multiple times, find bits they didn't see the first go-round.  Read it once for plot, go back and read it for meaning.  YMMV.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flower in the Round

Jingles All the Way is now available as a paperback book on Amazon so even though it was a lot of work for me, Jingles is happy because dogs like nice things.

Yes I started work on Bittersweet 2.  No shortage of things to cover!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jingles All the Way

Jingles will be available as a print version by the end of the month.  It's a good, inexpensive Christmas gift at $5.99, for adults and children.  It's cute and has quite a lot of kissing in it, if you count licking someone's face until your tongue goes dry.

Every once in a while it's possible to look back at your life and see how you made a good choice.  Learning Photoshop was an excellent choice for me.  My knowledge of it is still minute, though.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I've Got My Fingers Crossed

I know I haven't been around a lot lately.  I've been revamping covers and trying to get Jingles formatted for CreateSpace.

You probably saw the new cover for Bad Apple 1.  I was saving it for something else but I'm not sure that will ever happen.  I think the schedule is ---wait for it!!!--Bittersweet Farm 2, then Bad Apple 4.  Okay?

Teasing stats at Amazon.  Today there was an ever so minute spike in sales of Bad Apple 1.  Must be the cover, so let's all cross our fingers, think happy thoughts, sprinkle the magic dust around and hope this is the time it catches on.  Thank you for sticking with Tru, Neal and me.

(Can't get this embedded. Is that something else we're not allowed to do anymore?)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fly Away With Me

My friend convinced me that while I loved the photo of the pilot sitting on the wing of his biplane on Fly Away, it wasn't sexy enough to catch anyone's eye as they were scrolling past at speed.

What do you think?  Does this do anything for you?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not Low Maintenance

Yes, I decided to give it a facelift.  I quite liked the original cover.  It was a faked coversheet of the lawsuit David launched against Viva.  I don't think anyone noticed it but I knew before I started writing the novel that I wanted the international nullification symbol on the cover.  So I had that.

I would like to get all my adult books looking a little more alike. 

Hope you like it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unspeakably Desirable new cover

This is either the final version or close.  It's Helene Deroubaix's image and I made it fit/work (I hope) for ebook use.

I think she's incredibly talented and inspirational.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Almost Breathing

I can hardly list all the titles of this book.  Jemima and Jay.  We've made a journey together.  Maybe this is the place we settle.  Formerly Inhibitions and Fling, now

Friday, October 5, 2012

In Under My Head

Michal Towber, the terrifically talented musician and human, introduced me to the stunningly talented artist who did the cover for her new CD.  I was so inspired, I tried to learn from Helene Deroubaix while we work on a cover she's doing for me.  I recommend her whole heartedly.  You'll see the marvelous photo for the book TBA (To Be Announced since I really haven't made up my mind yet).

I had nearly given up on my poor Ariel Robbins.  The title for her book was originally TBA, then Sweeps and that wasn't it.  Then it was Love In The Afternoon.  That wasn't right.  Tryst.  No.  I settled on Ari and the Doctor because it was that or unpublish it.

Helene has been so inspiring I came up with a new title-- In Under My Head and a new cover.

I feel that I have finally reached a place that expresses something about the soul, spirit and intention of this book and my other adult novels.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn And The Year Is Winding Down

But not the work schedule.

I finished a short story and since it's not for this group, seriously not you wouldn't like it at all Angela, I won't even mention the title here.  It's not under my name, it was just another off the wall experiment.  But it was very funny and I laughed all of the way through it so it was like a short vacation.

Tru is invading my thoughts to a greater degree lately.  I suspect that for all I would like BA to be 1 more and done, it will be 2.  I'm not seeing how to finish it that quickly.  I'm sure that makes no one reading this dismayed!

Big Triumph--I think I have Facebook figured out to some small degree.  Wow.  Really confusing!