Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Like a Ship's Bow Touching a New Shore

The first book in my historical mystery series will be released in less than a week, August 1, and it's a very exciting time for me.  Really.  It's set in a time period I love--the early 1930's, with a background I adore--Hollywood.  I hope you will give it a look.

It’s 1933.  When hard news reporter, Caro James, reveals the secret life of a politician in New York, much to her dismay, The New York Sentinel newspaper sets out to teach her a lesson about the rules of journalism.  They send her to Los Angeles to write fluff pieces on the film industry.

The contact in Hollywood who is supposed to guide her for the week of punishment, is the handsome and unpredictable movie director, Sugar McLaughlin. Soon a story falls in Caro’s lap. A young, beautiful starlet has been missing for two weeks and is in great danger. Caro and Sugar must find June Fowler before she is lost forever.  When the one person who knows what happened to June is murdered, Caro and Sugar can’t help but think they’ve reached a dead end.  As Sugar knows, every story has an Act III and Caro is in for the ride of her life as they race to find the starlet. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Newness in Oldness

This weekend I'm finishing up the first novella in a new series.  I'm enjoying the experience.  It's historical, set back about 90 years so no, it's not a Regency.  It's fun and it's reminding me of something I've missed for a while. 
I'll give more information later and a cover reveal. 
What a terrific way to spend the summer!