Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad Apple 3--Rise

Yes. Bad Apple 3 is finally finished and is available at BN right now.  Amazon will get around to it soonish.

Neal and Tru are characters I fell in love with and I want to explore their relationship in the kind of specific way I never had the opportunity to do prior to digital publishing.  The closest I got was Fling where I attempted to slow everything down and pay attention to the characters as a man and a woman entering into a lifelong relationship.  But that was one book.  Now I have the freedom to follow the characters over a significant amount of time and through events and experiences which deepen their commitment to each other.

I do recommend you read #1 & #2 before you try #3.  While all the books can stand on their own, by now there is a significant amount of backstory that informs the present and it will be difficult to fully understand what's happening and why if you don't start at the beginning.

While it is a YA series, there are mature themes but no sexual situations or graphic portrayals of violence.

Neal Marchal and Truly Lambert find themselves being presented with opportunities in the entertainment business neither dreamed possible.  But they don’t know if these are the right choices to make for their career.  The money is impossible to turn down.  Tru is confronted with paying for college and Neal faces the cost of surgery to repair the damage to her leg caused by her stepbrother’s violent temper.  They say yes to the offer and Tru winds up in Hollywood on a movie set while Neal winds up in a hospital operating room.
Even though Neal’s stepbrother, Joe Kent, is in jail now awaiting trial for the murder of his sister, Shannon, he remains a presence in Neal’s life.  The memories of his brutality are never far away and come flooding back when a cable news show takes up Joe’s cause to prove his innocence.
Through the successes and the set-backs, Neal and Truly draw closer.  Does the hot upcoming singer, Sephira Knight, come between them?  What about the movie offer Tru receives—is he tempted?  Does Neal’s own movie project pull them apart?
And there’s always the bĂȘte noir of Joe Kent, ready to rise up and ruin Neal’s life once again.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April, Come She Will

 This video has absolutely nothing to do with me or this post except for the word April.

April was not the cruelest month (take THAT, Mr. Eliot!).  April was very good, indeed, and I want to thank everyone who was so supportive of my writing.  I know I made several readers quite cross, some were disappointed but I hope I will fine-tune my digital efforts and fewer people will wind up bummed.  Because  if you're bummed, I'm bummed.
For anyone who would like to see a clip of Simon & Garfunkle this link is for anyone reading the blog at amazon where they don't allow embeds or something.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH-9H75A0Tk

News?  In my YA series Bad Apple 3--Rise is very close to completion so I expect that will be published in the next week or so.  While it's not specifically an adult book, neither was the Harry Potter series and people of all ages enjoyed that very much, so get a sample and see if it appeals to you.  It's not a romance but it is the love story between Neal and Truly.  A coming of age story for both of them .  If you are in the YA age range, it is definitely for you.

As always you can visit me at http://robinoneillebooks.blogspot.com where more tends to go on.