Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bittersweet Farm 10: Whiskey Tango LIVE

I was definitely convinced it would take days but Amazon straightened up and flew right so it is live now.

Horses and riders come and go. Unfortunately, Greer's nemesis, Nicole Boisvert, who has a special affection for trainers, decides to stay and focus her attentions on Cam.

Talia and CB grow together as a team, Greer finds increasing confidence in some areas and complete insecurity in others. One pony becomes an unexpected rock star and Whiskey, finally sound after many months, competes at his first show and has a life-changing experience.

Victoria, and Andrew, both have surprises that impact everyone.

Kobo did a masterful job at taking 2 hours total to publish the book so if you need an epub, that's where you can get one.

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