Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flash of Light

The sequel to Flash has been finished and will be available at BN and Amazon soon. 

Kip Chanin can find herself in trouble faster than the shutter speed of a good camera and that’s usually the reason.  It’s how Kip looks at the world and how she wants to tell the story in the photos she takes that gets people talking and makes them furious.

In one day, Kip takes a portrait of her Alex Milne’s brother, Gabe, overdosing, gets him to the hospital in time and is fired by her agent.  By the end of the week, everyone in Europe knows she’s the idiot photographer who took pictures of her “lover” while he was shooting up.  That kind of publicity does not go over well with Alex.  But life moves too fast to wonder for long if she’ll be forgiven—for anything.  Kip has an 80 year old murder to solve, portraits to take of scruffy rock stars and a friendship to create with a shy jazz singer.  All while trying to manage Alex who is 6,000 miles away in serial snowstorms with his sizzling hot co-star throwing herself at him.

When Alex finally arrives back in Los Angeles, they go out into the Mojave Desert where Kip announces they’re not coming home until the issues between them are solved.  At an inn, with one room with one bed left, the question of what happens next is obvious.  The answer is more complicated than Kip expects.

The past has surprising ways of sneaking up on people and Kip finds ways to put history behind her and Alex.  But not always.

If you would like a free copy, email me and specify whether you prefer the book in epub or mobi. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Cover For Flash

I've been so busy trying to finish Flash 2 that I haven't had much time for anything, not even doing the normal cleaning out of the garden that should be done before the snow.  Missed that.

I decided to give Flash a new cover and I'll probably change it again before too terribly long after my Photoshop skills improve and I get more memory for the computer so it doesn't crash in 3D mode!