Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Long Does It Take To Write A Book?

The answer is different for every writer and every book.  Or it should be.
Right now the digital book has excited readers.  They enjoy reading and want more books.  Writers want to provide more books because serving their audience is rewarding and it's also nice to be paid for the work you do.

A question we might be asking is whether a book equivalent to a Snickers bar or is it a meal?

If it's a Snickers, then a book just needs to offer quick, sweet satisfaction.  If a book is a gourmet meal then time must be taken to prepare the offering.  Thought and planning goes into a meal as well as various ingredients such as carefully chosen spices, herbs, and proteins to create layers of flavor.

It takes time to create something delicious that will be remembered as a unique experience.
How much time is required to fit all the elements together so they blend harmoniously and leave a memory of being touched by a significant experience?  I don't know.  It takes the time it takes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Love In The Air (sweet romance)

Free copy for honest (of course!) review.  Sweet, clean--seriously.

Pan Carlisle loves to fly; it's pilots she doesn't trust. Pilots are brash, brazen, foolhardy, and altogether troublesome. They fly off and don't return, leaving broken hearts behind. When Alex Milne, fresh from military service and a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, lands in the middle of the Carlisles' vintage aircraft museum, Pan wants no part of his flyboy demeanor.
But Pan is struggling to keep her father's vintage aircraft museum airborne, and she needs pilots. Alex has an appreciation and knowledge of World War I aircraft, so accepting his help in an air show is sensible. How long can good sense last when attraction is heightened by altitude and attitude? Can Alex commit to the future when hard contact with the ground taught him the present is all there is?

Monday, September 28, 2015

My Next Pair of Socks

I knit.  Not as an artisan but functionally well enough to make socks and sweaters.  Well enough to have written a book about it, but let's forget that, shall we?

I did not dye this yarn although I used to dye most of the fiber I worked with.  This is a nice colorway and it's a merino wool with a little bit of nylon for sturdiness.  I have used 100% wool and mixes for socks.  The mixes do last longer and I'm no fan of darning to fix the heels as they wear through.

As I was searching for a couple hanks of wool I know are somewhere, I found a pair of socks in a lovely wool I did dye some years back.  They're finished except I never sewed the ends in.  I should wear them but sometimes I feel some things are too pretty to use.  I need to get over this bit of dumbness.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Poor Bel

I thought the original title was right--Unspeakably Desirable.
But I suspect no one understood it.  In the digital world, the cover and the title must convey what the book is about.  This didn't so I changed it a couple times.  Still didn't work. 

Now I've changed it again.

I'm concerned that some people scrolling past at speed won't recognize the image as French macarons. Yes or no?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

If You Like a Book, Tell a Friend

The best way you can help your favorite authors, besides buying their books, is to tell your friends how much you enjoy the stories.

One thing I did today besides making bread and getting ready to work on BF12, was to finish the 2nd sock I started months ago.  I can't read, hold the Kindle and knit at the same time in bed.  Can't.  So I've been reading and not knitting.  Then a couple weeks ago I realized cold weather would be here soon and I need heavy socks to go in my Ariat boots and Wellies.  I started to knit.   Here is the last sock.  I finished it about an hour ago and I'll be set to wear these beautiful socks!

How are you getting ready for the change in seasons?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fly Away With Me

As I rearrange and organize my books, I'm redoing some of the covers.  Since I had to create the audio cover for this one, I decided to go for one with an airplane.

I don't know who manufactured this plane but I can tell you it's a staggerwing biplane.
A biplane.  A plane is a wing, or airfoil.  Bi means two.  A biplane has two wings, one above the other.  This plane has the top wing to the rear of the lower wing.  Staggered.  So it is called a staggerwing.

I was fortunate enough to fly, very briefly, a staggerwing Stearman.  It flew like a Cadillac, beautifully, comfortably.

Yes, there were triplanes and I've been lucky enough to see one fly.  The most famous of the triplanes is probably a Fokker, the kind Manfred "Red Baron" von Richthofen flew in World War I.

Do people call single wing aircraft monoplanes?  Sometimes.  Now they're most commonly referred to as fixed wing.  Fixed wing as opposed to a helicopter which I'm sure you know also has airfoils, like an airplane, but they are not fixed, they spin around very fast.

So much for your lesson on aviation.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bad Apple--New Covers

In Kindle Unlimited with new covers.

My favorite photographer made some new photos available so I couldn't resist.
The series is perched on the possibility of being available to libraries so that was another reason why I decided to change things up.

I hope in real life this model is happier than she seems in the images.  Even Neal is happier than she seems in Book 1: Sweet Cider.

If anyone would like a free copy of Bad Apple 1: Sweet Cider, leave a comment with your email address and I'll send one to you.