Friday, December 23, 2011

Merriest of Christmases To You All

I would like to thank all my wonderful readers for supporting me this year.  I'm glad you enjoyed my work and hope I continue to please and entertain you with new stories and new books.   Merry Christmas.  Happy Chanukah.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Your Early Christmas Present

Or Chanukah gift.

I just published a novella titled Schtupid Cupid.  If you liked Viva and Bel Miller, you'll see them here as well as their cousin, Lis.

Right now it's free on Smashwords as an epub but I hope soon BN and Amazon will match the price.  If you don't want to wait for your mobi file, email me at the contact me to the right and I'll be glad to send you a copy.

Lis Miller isn’t looking for a man, a boyfriend, a husband or a companion but her cousin, Viva, the nationally known Mating Maven, can’t resist butting into her private life.  The result?  Duress Dating.  In order to keep peace in the family, Lis is treated to, or is that tormented by, a series of attempted matches each one more hair-raising than the last.  With the Jake, the pilot, Lis’s hair is literally raised as he turns the plane upside down on the way to Block Island and a gourmet meal of fried Mars Bars.

When Viva arranges for Lis to go to California to do the flower arrangements for a friend’s wedding, the flight makes national headlines.  All she wants is some peace and quiet.  And has it until she realizes it’s all a set-up to pair her with the owner of the ranch.

Cupid proves to be more unpredictable than expected because on her way to living a happy life as a singleton, Lis Miller falls in love.  Running true to everything that’s happened in the past weeks, the match is crazy, insane and heart-thumpingly mad.  Just how stupid is Cupid?