Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nothing Serious Two Part Interview

My romantic comedy Nothing Serious interview with Honey Bee Reviews Part 2
Yesterday there was Part 1.  Today Deb and I finished up with Part 2.  You can't ask for more attention than that.   Thank you, Deb.  And I loved all the images used.  That's a girl after my own heart.

I'm coming to think that an interview may be just as good as a review.  They're easier to get and to be absolutely honest, you are able to speak for the book.  You're in control of the publicity.  The drawback is, of course, that the interview only appears on the blog so you're dependent on how many people you reach.  The upside you don't have the risk of  a reviewer not understanding or not liking the book and having that possibly not so accurate vision on Amazon until the sun goes supernova.

Will a rave review bump sales?  Probably.  Will a good interview bump sales?  Maybe.  If you were in sparkle mode.  Either way the interview will be available for a good long time and will turn up in a Google search,

There's some kind of Madison Avenue equation for how many times a potential customer has to be exposed to a product before they buy it.  10?  20?  I don't remember the number but the point is you and your books are the product.  You have to expose this product to the potential customers and it will take more than once.  A lot more.

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