Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not Exactly A Heat Wave

But compared to some years, this is quite warm.    The night I cut the tip of my finger off, it was 30 below zero, so 30 above is terrific for January.

Apparently the Rafflecopter widget didn't work so I removed it.  If you would like a copy of one of the Bad Apple books in the series, I will send it to you while Bad Apple is on the book tour.  That ends Jan. 14 so it is a limited time offer.

There is a plastic camera made in China called a Holga.  The basic model costs about $25 at Amazon.  No, you read that correctly.  It uses 120 film which you might as well send for rather than search for and perhaps Walmart can be used to send it away for processing.  I find this rather strange although the results are visually somewhat interesting.
The photos are out of focus, the color isn't correct, there are light leaks and then you're stuck with something you have to try to get into your computer.

It sounds like fun, if I felt like using film again.

Anything you can do, Photoshop can do better
Photoshop can do anything better than you
No you can't
Yes I can
No you can't
Yes I can Yes I can.

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