Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Week In Review

It's been about 10 degrees all week and all that implies.
I've been guest blogging at The Passive Voice and don't know how Passive Guy does it alone.
I've been getting promotional items for giveaways.  Really neat things  that will be fun and are not super expensive for me like Amazon gift cards huge enough to buy flat screen televisions.
And I did...lots of other things.  Including getting through a rough stretch in Bittersweet 2.

The issue of promotion is becoming more important.  Joe Konrath did an enormous amount of promotion for his print books.  He may not promote now but he invested huge efforts before.   Karen McQuestion did a lot of social networking before she caught on.  Now she doesn't.  The assumption that most of us don't have to do anything and somehow the magic wand will touch us, raising us from obscurity seems to be a flawed theory for me this month.  Now I say I should have been doing the promo work 2 years ago.  Living is a learning experience.

I have an interview at Honey Bee Reviews  today.  And there's supposed to be a review of Bad Apple posted elsewhere but I don't know if it's going to happen.

I'm quite excited about a program in development that will elegantly convert documents into mobi or epub format.  I've been asked if I'd like to beta test it and I couldn't say yes fast enough.  If it's terrific I'll be sure to say that here.

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