Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Huffington Post Interview

Yes! I was interviewed and it's live today Huffington Post. 
If you don't want to go there, here it is:

Barbara Morgenroth said she likes indie publishing because she no longer feels pigeonholed into a specific genre. She has written YA, romantic comedies, mysteries, cookbooks, and photography essays. “I wasn’t allowed to explore everything I wanted to do in traditional publishing,” she said. “Now no one cares.” Originally published under multiple publishing houses and imprints, including Atheneum, Berkley, Alpha Penguin, and Avalon, Morgenroth has been self-publishing since 2008-2009, and currently has 15 indie books out. “Traditional publishing was ridiculously easy to abandon,” she said.

And there we have it in a nutshell.  Traditional publishing was ridiculously easy to abandon.  Well said, Barb!

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