Friday, January 4, 2013

Ken Lindner--Your Killer Emotions

Here I am this morning watching Fox News (yes) and Brian Kilmeade is interviewing someone about a book they wrote.  I look up, doesn't register.  Then the name is said.

It's always startling when someone you know is on television.  Even with my background.  I was on television.  I had a walk-on in The Doctors when I wrote it.  That was fun!

So this was my first agent at the William Morris Agency which I think is now called Endeavor or something.  I had met Simon & Garfunkle's manager.  Mort took me to meet a famous entertainment lawyer.  Harold took me to William Morris where Ken had just been hired as a lawyer, fresh out of Harvard/Cornell/a huge gig doing something for Weight Watchers (Jenny Craig?) and he was a top tennis player.  And male model attractive.

Ken has gone on to great achievements in his business and now he's written a book which I immediately bought because, knowing him, I know it must be good.

Your Killer Emotions

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