Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm not a coder.  I get confused by all this and know people say WordPress is so simple but eventually I'll learn it, just not now.  So I get by with a very nice program from Microsoft--Expression Web.  They gave up on it a while back and now offer it for free.  I think it's quite lovely and has a less steep learning curve than Dreamweaver.  It's still not easy and since not many people ever used it, there aren't many tutorials but I'm familiar with it.

I had some advice on my Bittersweet Farm page and that got published but I wanted to add a Bad Apple page and wound up in the weeds.  Little weeds but sufficient to stop me for a couple weeks.

Today, triumph!  Bad Apple

Now I'm ready for the freebie promo coming up at the end of the month and get back to writing.

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