Monday, September 28, 2015

My Next Pair of Socks

I knit.  Not as an artisan but functionally well enough to make socks and sweaters.  Well enough to have written a book about it, but let's forget that, shall we?

I did not dye this yarn although I used to dye most of the fiber I worked with.  This is a nice colorway and it's a merino wool with a little bit of nylon for sturdiness.  I have used 100% wool and mixes for socks.  The mixes do last longer and I'm no fan of darning to fix the heels as they wear through.

As I was searching for a couple hanks of wool I know are somewhere, I found a pair of socks in a lovely wool I did dye some years back.  They're finished except I never sewed the ends in.  I should wear them but sometimes I feel some things are too pretty to use.  I need to get over this bit of dumbness.

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