Sunday, August 23, 2015

Success, Challenges and Yellow Paint

Some weeks are more surprising than others.  This one falls under the heading of "I can't believe someone said that to me!"

The short story, Lockie, has been doing well.  Thank you to those who purchased it and told me they enjoyed it.

The challenges-uck.  My computer needs a major overhaul--major--and I've been putting it off for months but the time has arrived.

And my office is being painted yellow.

Bittersweet Farm stable color bow by Ashley Dechant

1 comment:

  1. Yellow is the best color for a writer's office.

    Mine is yellow, on the south side, and gives me a good view of the goings-on on our cul-de-sac. Just enough to look at, not enough to distract.

    Sorry about your computer - that's so disruptive. I race the clock - I'd like to have the rest of the trilogy finished before having to upgrade again. I did it in the middle of the first book, and it was not an easy transition - I had let the Mac get very far behind of system update, too far for the easy change. Ended up with a lot of manually updates programs, and my file system, three years later, is still a mess because I wanted to isolate files after the transition from those before.

    It takes time and energy to do those things! I have neither.

    Enjoy your new yellow office.