Monday, February 18, 2013

Wait! What Happened To The Rest Of The Year?

February we would ma--ar--ry...

I guess Paul gave up after September which doesn't help me in the middle of winter.

I've had super fun on ebay lately.  I'm buying up a storm, left and right, grabbing neat things and the best part of it is that the vast majority of items are under $2 including shipping.  Bad habit to get in.  I can imagine how addicting those home shopping shows are.  I think the only Northern Exposure I saw was about some bride to be who spent every cent they had on junk from TV.  It was too depressing for me so I never watched the show again.  What do they call those episodes "A very special episode".  Since every week that's what they usually say, does anyone believe it anymore?  It's usually when they take a comedy show and have someone meet with a very unfunny tragedy.  Hey, that's not what we're here for.

It's very hard to make me laugh.  I can recognize the mechanism of what's supposed to be funny but what's actually funny is rare.  Some weeks ago I was looking for something and I came upon what seemed to be a car commercial.  I had no idea.  Soon tears were streaming down my face.  It was so funny and so well done, of course I recognized Zooey Deschanel but actors do commercials.  Then I realized it was her show.  Didn't know she had one.  Never saw it again but here's the promo for it--all I could find.  It'll give you an idea of the situation.

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