Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Review For Bad Apple

I thoroughly loved this book! I felt like Barbara Morgenroth tricks the reader into thinking after the initial shock, that the book was going to be happy and go lucky and everything would be fine and dandy. This story very quickly unravels as you fall deeper into the book.--Shelves of Books

Isn't that so true?  Everything unravels.

I wonder what the initial shock was.  I should ask Justine, shouldn't I?

So it's a very good day even though I had to go to town and the roads were barely plowed.  I wished I had my trusty Bronco as I was going over the mountain and met a big truck coming from the other direction.  When I left the modem had been dead for about 10 hours.  My provider is sending a replacement but it won't arrive until Friday, so I was getting withdrawals already.  Then the modem decided it had a little life left so I was able to quickly do what I needed to and now I'm doing the odds and ends that I should until it decides to truly expire.  At some point I will find a backup modem to have in the house.

I met a woman who works in glass and she's going to see if she can make an apple.  That would be so fantastic as she's very talented.

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