Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bad Apple Valentine's Day Contest

We're going to have a Pop Quiz tomorrow for the Bad Apple series.  Yes, all three books.
It will be here and on the Bad Apple Facebook page.
The winner of this fantastically cute and totally costume jewelry pendant will be chosen at random by from all the people who answer the questions.
You'll get 1 entry for each correct answer in the comments section.  So the more questions you answer correctly, the better your chances are.  (Someone check my math on that part).  Leave your email or how will I get in contact.  Altho I will announce it.
And you'll get 50 points for the essay question.  Kidding on that.  No essay question.
This time.
The contest will close Saturday at midnight so you have plenty of time to look up the answers unless you know the books by heart--which is probably more than I do!


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