Sunday, February 17, 2013


That is the word du jour.  How does a book get found with new books being published by the hour burying it.

I don't know.

There are more books than is humanly possible to read.  Readers can't keep up.  Book bloggers can't keep up as they attempt to sort the good from the bad with reviews.  Some people insist the search engines are the key.  If you just have the magical words in your metadata, people will find you.  The question I have is how do they know they're looking for you.  If I know to search for something specific, I will probably find it.  If I'm unsure about the criteria then a search engine will be minimal help.

Over the last weeks I've been seeking out book bloggers.  They've never heard of me.  For all the time they spend with books, I'm unknown.  When they hear about Bad Apple, for instance, then they're enthusiastic about reading it.  If it weren't for me, the chance of them finding it seems very slim.

All I can say is that if you find a book you love, tell your friends.  Comment on your Facebook page or Twitter or on a forum.  Let people know.

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