Thursday, February 28, 2013

In The Air and Elsewhere

Fingers crossed that all the information for Love In The Air is correct at Goodreads.  There is a giveaway starting tomorrow and because I insisted on changing from my pen name to my name there was great confusion  everywhere.  At least it's right on the cover now.  I admit to being afraid to looking inside the book.

This was the kind of image I thought Avalon would use for the cover.  Instead they went with a light blue sky and white clouds and a pale yellow Piper Cub I think it is.

See the difference between a professional cover designer and a rank amateur like me?  I wouldn't do that.  I'd go for the obvious.  Contrast.  Readability.  A red Fokker Dreidecker because that's what was flown in the book.  A real traditional publisher shies away from the expected, they are at the cutting edge of creativity.  Don't be hampered by all the advice to make sure your name can be read.  Who needs to know what the author's name is.  That's so old-fashioned.

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