Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Camera, Nikon D600

Over at the other blog I wind up talking about photography quite a lot and try to keep this one just for books.  I don't know if that was the right decision because I'm not a monkey at the keyboard, I can only write so fast so there are lulls in the activity-hence boredom for you.

I started out as a photographer.  That's why Kip Chanin in the Flashes was so much fun for me.  I did do news photography for a while and sports photography.  And no, I'm not a stranger to doing my own book covers.  I did the first 2 covers published by Atheneum a million years ago.  Those books are not in digital form nor will they ever be. 

Now that I have another great new camera, and it really is great, Nikon got it right but I've been shooting with Nikons since college so I am biased, I can finish formatting Jingles All The Way for Createspace.  It's a cute book, you'll like it, go get it!

So here's a photo I took late yesterday afternoon.  It's not that I'm wild about bugs, quite the contrary, but it's to demonstrate the camera's ability to catch details.  It's remarkable really.  Probably seen best on my monitor but look close you can see the bee's fur or whatever it's called.

D600 40mm Nikkor Macro

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