Monday, September 17, 2012

Jingles All The Way: A Christmas Tail

Yes, I completed the short book and it's available at your favorite sites unless you are Canadian and your favorite site is Kobo.  Sorry.  There seems to be some slowness with their system but sometime this week it should be live.

Jingles is a dog on the lam. He’s met the perfect person, and wants to stay with her forever but his former owners have millions of reasons why that’s impossible.

After escaping from uncaring owners, Jingles discovers canine paradise with Sassy Collins and her Eat Dog Eat Gourmet Take-Out Dog Dinner Shop. Sassy is easy to love and Jingles falls hard for her. So does the town police officer, Ethan Monroe. But Jingles is carrying a secret that could destroy their happy family before it even begins.

A holiday story in his own words, it's appropriate for tweens-adult.

Such a deal--99 cents.

Jingles All The Way--Amazon

Jingles All The Way--Barnes & Noble

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