Saturday, December 22, 2012


Presents are nice.  We all like them, probably too much, but still what can top a great surprise present?  I'm looking forward to the Bittersweet Farm Christmas where I will go full-bore festive.  What should Talia give Lockie?  Don't imagine there's going to be a sleigh ride! 

Amazon Montlake gave me the gift of moving Love In The Air up the schedule to next month if I would compromise with them on the changes I requested.  So I said yes.
Sometimes you make the best decision you can at the time, then later circumstances change and you do your best with what's become a bit of a mess.  That's what happened.
It's solved now.

We're having snow, not as much as some parts of the country, but we'll definitely have a white Christmas.  It's iconic.  That's what most people hope for, dream of.  So I rushed out with a candy cane and the Nikon followed by the feral cats who have a tendency to get in every shot where the ground is visible.  Ha!  Skunked you guys this time!

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