Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Christmas Movie

My not favorite list would be long if I watched Christmas movies like The Kranks and the one about the lights competition between neighbors, and Jingle All the Way is it?  Still the one I don't watch is probably most people's  favorite It's a Wonderful Life.  Definitely once was enough.  And anything based on Dickens with the durn ghosts.  I think Mr. Magoo's Christmas did that the best.

My favorite by a nose is probably White Christmas but the editing does have a couple bad cuts and the outdoor sets are so pathetically fake it's not understandable.  There's that one huge production number with Vera Allen called Mandy.  That was a really old song of Irving Berlin's from 1919.  I can't imagine most people even know what a minstrel show is anymore.  I find myself looking at her legs through the entire scene because she looks like a Barbie doll.  She's so thin, she makes Rosemary Clooney, who was normal size at the time, look enormous.  I often wonder where Vera Allen got the energy to dance like that eating what must have been 1 piece of lettuce a day.  I don't like the choreography number.  I don't like the liverwurst and buttermilk scene.  Yet it's one of my favorite movies.  Go figure.

I'm working on another boxed set.  This one Not Low Maintenance, Unspeakably Desirable and Fly Away With Me.  Happily I figured out how to get all the Table of Contentses to coexist peacefully.

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