Sunday, December 30, 2012

New/Old Cover for By Force of Will

My ADHD has been kicking me hard all month so I get nothing finished--or so it seems.

I was doing something and then it seemed imperative to fix the cover for By Force of Will.
Then I couldn't find the file--I'm not very organized!--so decided the original cover was gorgeous and I could just tweak that a bit so that's what I did.

Barnes & Noble readers (big hi to you!) have been lovely this holiday season.  Kobo readers seem to be finding my work.  The big Zon?  I am definitely not complaining.  About anything.

Does anyone want to vote about returning to the original title?  That was Blue Raja.  It wouldn't take much to get me to go back but someone convinced me that somewhere someplace in a graphic novel the two words Blue and Raja appeared together.

Angela?  Ceallaigh?


Decided to go back.

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