Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black Cat Farm

I wanted to think of something else to write about besides books but since I'm a writer and this is my book blog, that's a bit difficult.  But I will give it a whirl and leave the book part until the end.

I'm not a cat person.  I know that's heresy in some quarters.  I am first a horse person and second a dog person but cats not so much although they generally like me too much for my comfort level.  Racing to me and jumping as high as possible to reach me is not a good way to say hi.

Mrs. Awiggins was the first cat who showed up here.  Obviously someone either left her by the side of the road or she walked here on her own.  She was black and white.  Charm Boy showed up sometime later.  He was black, very charming and a ladies man.  Last I heard he was up at the neighbor's house (another soft touch).  There have been a couple other strays/feral cats who showed up and then didn't show up anymore.  Many generations later because cats breed fast, there are 2 colors of cats here--black or black and white.

You can always tell a Mrs. Awiggins descendant because they have 6 toes like she did.
Charm Boy had 5.

At any time there are about a dozen cats hanging around not catching mice.  When the front door opens they run to me even though they are wild and don't give a hang about me personally (except for what must be Charm Boy's great great great great grandson) but I dole out the food with pleas to catch the freaking mice before they get in the house which they ignore.  They are slacker cats.

I decided to attempt to put together a photo essay of winter images and I enlisted a Mrs. Awiggins descendent to be on the potential cover.

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