Saturday, November 24, 2012

Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Why, though?
But it is.
It is a bit strange to see people fighting over cell phones and huge TVs.   That's a new definition of  "the Christmas Spirit".  Seems more like they've been DRINKING spirits and lost their inhibitions.

Since I can't seem to make youtube videos work here, click on over to the Robin O'Neill blog
Christmas in Connecticut
and see the trailer to one of my favorite movies.  I think they should have had a dinner scene, all of them at a big table, candles, Christmasy decorations.  Maybe they did and it was cut. 

I have a couple of promo events coming up in the next few weeks so that will be fun.  It's much easier to answer a good question than a not so good one--I learned that so far.

It snowed earlier today.  It's that time of year, too.

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