Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Wanted To Be A Photojournalist

Yup, that's what I went to college for.  Then when I graduated (I'll bet there are people who've read my books and left 2 star reviews--if I'm that lucky--who doubt I even went to high school!) I taught riding.  Yes, that undoubtedly surprises those who say Charlie is full of equestrian errors.


I did quite a bit of equestrian photography and wound up doing the covers for my first two published books, so it's not so outlandish to think I'm doing the covers for my books now.  I started out that way even if it was traditional publishing.

I'm getting back into photography but that doesn't mean the writing part changes.  Joyful Spirit is chugging along with CB's little swish.  There's so much to fit in I'm not sure what's going to wind up in book 3.  I think book 4 (I'm optimistic!) will be titled Available.  All the middle books will be named after horses.  First one Mounted, last one Dismounted.  So I think now.

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