Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jingles Lamb Author Interview

I'm pleased to introduce you to Jingles Lamb, author of the quite marvelous short book, Jingles All the Way.

Portrait of Author, Jingles Lamb by evarin20

Me:  Welcome, Jingles.

Jingles: Thank you for the invitation.  Is there a snack afterwards?

Me: Lunch will be provided with a fried egg.

Jingles: Don't overcook it, I like when the yolk is runny.

Me: Can we stick to the book?

Jingles: Of course.

Me: What inspired you to write Jingles All the Way?

Jingles: ME!

Me: Could you expand on that a little for our audience?

Jingles: I had an adventure, both amusing and frightening, that I wanted to share.

Me: Please, don't make me drag this out of you.

Jingles: I was living with people who only got a dog because all their friends on the Upper West Side had dogs.  Little did I know they had another purpose in mind entirely.

Me:  What was the purpose?

Jingles: People should read the book to find out, but I will say my former people worked with numbers, really worked them, in the Financial District downtown and made me complicit in their dirty dealings.

Me: Who is your current person?

Jingles: (Sigh) Sassy Collins.  She's beautiful.  She has brown eyes just like mine and hair the color of my ears.

Me:  What is your favorite movie?

Jingles: Mastiffs of the Universe.

Me:  I think that's titled Masters of the Universe.

Jingles: It shouldn't be.

Me:  What movie star do you most identify with?

Jingles: Jet Li.

Me: What's your favorite Christmas Song?

Jingles:  Jingles All the Way.

Me:  I think that's called Jingle Bells.

Jingles:  It shouldn't be.

Me: Is there anything else you'd like to say before lunch?

Jingles:  My book is available as an ebook and as a paper version which makes it an excellent stocking stuffer.  I don't wear stockings or the ridiculous booties either.

Everyone who leaves a comment will receive a free ebook.  Merry Christmas.
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  1. Loved the interview. I'll bet the story is equaly as fun.

  2. Barbara, I loved this book. I totally identified with it because we always wonder what our dog is thinking. It was a super cute story. I love that it is told from the dog's perspective.

  3. You are so sweet, Angela. I tell people that all the time! Thank you from me, and Jingles. We're glad you enjoyed it. How should I explain that it's a book for kids just as much as adults?
    Why do I make my life so complicated?! :-)