Friday, May 4, 2012

By Force of Will

I'm sorry I haven't be around much in the last month, I've been working on the chain gang!
I finished a short project that I didn't mention here for a couple reasons.  I'm working on a new series but I went back to an old book thinking I could just reformat it and I'd be good to go.  I suppose that marks me as a real optimist.  That's good to know about me!

Here's the hot off the computer book du jour.  By Force of Will.


She was given drugs before she was born.  So was her brother.  It killed him.  Delaney Fairchild wishes it had killed her when she arrives in her real now, 30 years in the future.  She’s supposed to become a hyperop because everything is all about the long war, a thousand years long with no damn end in sight.
Delaney doesn’t know what the freak hyperop is except she feels like a freak in a freakish, backward world.

This is the story of the resistance.  Some people still believe life has value and freedom is worth fighting for.  And some people believe those people should be dead.

Yes, that is in fact Blue Raja.  I loved that title but someone said to me something like "I didn't have any interest in reading that because there's some comic book that mentions those two words together..."  I'm not sure, still, what that's all about.  But okay.  Rename it, give it a new cover that hopefully has nothing to do with another comic book that I've never heard of.  I just know Batman, Superman, Archie.  I haven't read comic books since I was about 9.  I understand they're popular but they're not written for me, I'm pretty sure about that.

Maybe this will interest some readers who weren't interested before.  

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