Monday, May 21, 2012

The Buttercup Book

There are so many lovely buttercups in the area now, I couldn't resist taking portraits of them.  There are 12 and no text, not a even a poem.  It will be free this weekend and I encourage everyone who wants to look at some flowers to download it.

I made the images as large as possible, still it's a confining size. 

I call this one the Buttercup Overlord but it's not in the book.

It would be nice to have photographic essays available as ebooks.  There's a guy whose work I've seen on Flickr and he's terrific.  I'd pay (a little) to have 12 of his photos on my reader.  Maybe I'll start a trend!

Yes, Unheard is almost done.  Yes I'm thinking about Parked.  Yes, I read the new reviews for BA and they were lovely, I was very touched,  so thank you.

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