Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apple Blossoms in Spring

Yes, the Apple Blossom book is live at Amazon.  I'll eventually get around to putting it in Select and then having a free weekend.  12 images of apple blossoms.

Wouldn't this be a good gift book for someone's birthday?  It costs less than a greeting card and there's more to it.

I know it had to be someone who comes here--I even think I know her name--bought a copy of Unheard.  You have no idea how touched I am by your enthusiasm and support.   Thank you.

I'm a little bit stalled in my planning for Parked.  I know you want bulletins--maybe I should be tweeting but I don't have a twitter account.  I'm trying to think how to compress what was supposed to be 3 books into 1.  It's a question of their timeline.  

Yes, I uploaded Unheard to Amazon this morning so with luck it'll be available tomorrow sometime.

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