Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apple Blossoms

Last month the apple blossoms were in bloom so I was out there taking photos of them.  When open they're quite white but when in bud, they're quite pink, so that was eye-catching.

I decided to gather 12 of those together and do another essay.

Photography is a lot like writing for me.  It's about what seems right to me rather than what's correct.  As with writing, I like to have a focal point.  What is the importance of what's in front of you?  What should you be paying attention to?

It's a little like reverse stage magic where the intention is to distract you, to pull you away from what you should be looking at---the magic at work.  I want to push the viewer/audience/reader to what I want them to see.

Whether they see it or not, I'll probably never know.  And the great part is they may see something I don't.

So next month I'll put that up for a freebie weekend and you can enjoy photos of the apple blossoms if you're interested.

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