Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Missed Wish Transforms Itself

Here's a little backstory on this novella.  A friend lives near a fountain and he wondered about wishes.  That sent us both in different directions--me with a book in mind and he with a script in mind.

I didn't write a book and he didn't finished the script but I did wind up with a cute novella even if the right title was elusive.  It was originally one thing and then I shortened it and then shortened it again to The Missed Wish.  I had other things to do so moved on.

A few days ago I went back to it since it's a cute story, I like the characters, the setting on the California coast, polo as the sport they play.  I worked on the cover and couldn't do what I wanted to do quickly and easily.  It's possible but I didn't want to commit to hours of effort.

Today I renamed it twice.  I really think the first title is the best Caprice's Epic Fail 100% Totally Screwed up Messed Up Wish.  Long, huh?  But I don't mind.  Then I thought other people would so I shortened it to Caprice's Totally Screwed Up Wish.

Digital publishing makes changing your mind easy.  Changing my mind has always been easy but the rest of the world didn't cooperate well with that.  Now I don't need permission to see if something else will work better.

Here's the blurb.

If wishes can come true, how could one girl go so wrong?
When seventeen year old Caprice Rydell flips a coin into a fountain and makes a wish that's just the beginning of trouble.  Cap learns her father is a bigamist, and it's all downhill from there.  It's bad enough that news is announced on a national television show but it all plays out in front of Mill Crocker, captain of the school polo team and the more gorgeous guy Cap's ever seen.
Mill doesn't take Cap’s wishing seriously and thinks she already has what she wants. Cap just wants to reset her life back to normal by retrieving that coin. Just how is Cap going to find it among the thousands in the fountain?

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