Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bittersweet Farm #2 and #5 in Equestrian Sports

There's a lot of competition in this category so it's a nice treat to see Bittersweet 1: Mounted and Bittersweet 2: Joyful Spirit in the top 5. 

Yes, I'm working on Bittersweet Farm 3: Wingspread.  Notice how the books are named after horses?  Yes.  I think the next one will be named after Greer's horse.  No, it won't be Counterpoint.  Everything is always changing at Bittersweet Farm.

I'm quite far into 3 and it's only about 5 days since the hunter pace!  They're busy and it's going to get busier.


  1. High-five! Fist bump! Eloquent toast to your success!

  2. Thank you. You just have to keep going. Don't look right or left or up.