Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waiting For You

Someone sent me a note about this book after they read it.

Just finished this book. It's...I can't think of a word large enough to describe it. It is a beautiful love story and the writing is off the charts good. Wow. It also has the most evocative love scenes I've ever read. They're like music."

For traditional publishing, this book was unpublishable.  It was rejected by everyone.  Diane Reverand  at St. Martin's (yes, I'm naming names now) said it wasn't raunchy enough.  It's a love story not porn, Ms Reverand.

So you feel like Alice Through The Looking Glass.  Up is Down.  Black is White.  Your mind reels as it attempts to make sense of it. 

Then you get lucky and someone gets it and you think "If one other person understands what I'm doing, I'm not nuts."   Of course, it could just mean there are two nuts.

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