Sunday, June 24, 2012

No News Is No News

Maisie & Emer Update:  I'm thinking.  I was remembering that scene in the hospital.  That was cute, wasn't it?  One thing I love about Tru is how he can be clueless while being incredibly perceptive.  That's probably what everyone loves about him.  Emily tried so hard with him!

I can multitask, so I'm thinking about a new book.  I think I've put aside the next one on the schedule and can't really explain why.  I once read an interview in the NY Times with some writers who had just gotten $11,000,000 dollars for a book (that flopped) and maybe, in that case, their advice should be ignored but they said whenever you get bogged down kill someone.  But I did just kill someone so shouldn't be stalled.  I think I need something else between the death and where I wound up.

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