Monday, June 18, 2012

Love In The Air

When such things were important because they were the only game in town, I wrote a "romance" novel and submitted it to traditional publishers.   No, it was off-genre even though I tried terribly hard to behave and make it like all the other ones out there.  It was about an airshow using antique planes.   Another romance novelist read it and noted "The airplanes are the main characters."  Yeah, you noticed that.

No one wanted it.  Then for some reason, besides that it's cute and well-written (which doesn't matter to traditional publishers), it was published.  By a publisher not really all that interested in selling books.  I don't know of one of their authors that ever earned back their advance.  I figured it was worth it.  Now I have a hardcover book published by a real publisher in NYC and that should be (should be!) credibility to other NYC publishers and agents who are ignoring me.

That part didn't really work and I had another "romance" novel that wasn't selling so I submitted it to them.  They were going to take it.

And right at that moment in time, digital publishing became viable.  I decided to jump in, I asked for the 2nd book back.  Luckily I couldn't get the 1st one back although up until about 2 weeks ago I did regret it.

What changed?  Amazon bought out this publisher!  3000 books.  We're all going to be published by the Amazon imprint Montlake.  I don't know when but Amazon is going full-steam ahead.  It will be available digitally and in paper.  Is this great or what?

Now if Montlake would consider the 2nd book, which is Nothing Serious, I would be thrilled.

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