Monday, June 11, 2012

Ari and the Doctor

I gave Sweeps a facelift.  This book is close to me because (sshhh!) most of it is true.  It's up to readers to determine which parts are true.  I worked on a soap opera/daytime serial and you get a lot of material.  There's a lot of emotion in the building both genuine and fabricated, really dreamy guys--yes, I'm talking about you, Roscoe!-- and real nightmares (I'm not naming names, God, they're still alive, some of these people would sue!).

Ariel Robbins is not me--unfortunately, because she's so much smarter than I am.

Here's the blurb

As a staff writer for the daytime serial, Tryst, Ariel Robbins finds herself between feuding headwriters, the show’s need for good ratings during the all important tri-annual sweeps weeks, out of control producers, and actors who can’t act.  Let the matchmaking begin.  Attractive and simmering with unexpected passions, Dr. Dorsey Rees is brought on board the show as the medical consultant.  He’s as perfectly imperfect for Ari as she is for him.  So they fall in love perfectly and predictably.  And that’s when the real chaos begins.

For the time being, this will only be available at BN.  If you would like a mobi copy, please contact me--that goes for anyone who'd like an epub, too--and I'll be glad to send you one for free.

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