Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Cover for Verrines


I love digital publishing.  You can change anything any time you wish.  Except that of course I can't get into the section for the Verrine book yet at Amazon because it takes them a little longer to get things published than it does over at Barnes & Noble.

But here's the cover.  I love it.  I might change it again.  I'm fickled.

It already sold a copy over at BN so whoever you are, thank you.

Why did I change the cover?  Because the one with the cute cup and raspberries was an image I shot early on.
It was a mock-up cover, a place-holder and by the time I finished the photography for the book, I had a lot of images to choose from.  Which is why I may change the cover again--there are a lot of great images to use and it's fun.  It's like buying a new hat.  Oh wait.  People don't buy hats anymore.  Shoes then.  But I don't like shoes particularly.'s like getting a new thumb drive in red YAY!

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