Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Cover for Fling

Having been quite ambivalent about Fling's cover, when I found an image that would work, I decided a change would be good.

I'm done swapping covers for a bit since I have a new YA to finish--no, it's not in the Bad Apple series, it's something different--and that will require a cover.

I don't know why books sell and why they don't sell.  I know the the children's horse books sell better at Barnes & Noble than at Amazon.  Not Low Maintenance sold very well at Amazon, but never caught on at BN.  However, this week that's changing and readers at BN have found NLM which makes me very happy.

So thank you to all of you at BN for acquainting yourselves with Viva and Bel.  Thank you to all the readers at Amazon who have supported Viva so enthusiastically over the past few months.

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