Monday, August 15, 2011

New Cover for Nothing Serious

I must be doing Spring Housecleaning 4 months late!  I was busy in the spring.  I forget what I was doing but I'm sure I was writing something that was taking all my attention.

Nothing Serious began life as Disconnected and I still favor that title but it doesn't work as a thumbnail.  Too long and unwieldy.  So I changed it and redid the cover art using what I thought was a very nice vintage postcard.
Maybe that doesn't work as a thumbnail either.

I say these things and yet Summer Horse is a busy cover with lots of elements and it sells very well.  Maybe that's because the word *horse* is in the title.

So I changed the cover for Nothing Serious to something bright and simple and easy to understand.  I hope this version finds favor with the readers.  Otherwise in another couple months I'll be tinkering again.

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