Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Maybe I'm Wrong"

This is definitely one review I agree with.  Which, I suppose, is all the response required.

Something much more interesting is the visually compelling advertisement for Volvo trucks that has become a sensation and rightfully so.  The cinematography is lovely, the stunt is amazing and Enya never fails to deliver.  This is 1 minute 17 seconds of perfection.

Creativity still exists. It's possible to refrain from repetition and to reject the ordinary in order to choose the extraordinary.

Will the audience recognize these qualities? Perhaps not everyone but some.

If you read the comments on this brief video, some are dysfunctionally literate. Some viewers claim it is a fake. Some can't decide if the trucks were moving backwards or forwards even if the movement of the shirt is possible only if the movement is backward. Some have such negligible ability to express themselves, only vulgarities can be employed.  We are left with degrees of flailing about, some audience members unable to make sense of the obvious.

Thinking is hard!

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