Friday, November 29, 2013

Epidemic Confusion

I suspect everyone is confused more or less, including me.  I made the video for the Bittersweet Farm series and finished it.  Then in the middle of the night I thought "Gee, I didn't say 'available at Amazon'." 

Hmm.  Much pondering about that. Is it necessary?  Is it ugly?  If I'm creating a beautiful series of images, do I want AMAZON.COM in neon lights?  Is this a commercial or is this an announcement.

Is it somewhere in between?

Can't people find the books without a map and a push on the back?

I had added a panel that said 'Fiction For Horse Lovers'.  I'm sure some people will still be confused by that but they require professional help perhaps.  The question persisted--will people actually realize this video is about books.  Even with 5 book covers, is it made plain enough?  Are they confused and think that Bittersweet Farm is a stable and will try to call for lessons?

As you can see I never underestimate confusion.  I have accepted that some people will just be confused, just as they are unable to find the horses in one of the books.  "I skimmed the whole book, I didn't see anything about horses."

This won't help them but I like it.

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