Wednesday, November 27, 2013

December Delights

I hope that doesn't include the kind of weather we've been having in the last week--rain, snow, sleet, cold.

Because December is a month of holidays including Greer's birthday on the 18th, there are some surprises waiting patiently.  There will be a couple custom made giveaways, Bittersweet Farm 5 will be released and there will be a short video I created for the series.
No, I didn't upload it to youtube yet.

I was fortunate beyond belief to get permission to use my favorite song written and performed by my friend Michal Towber.  To have that piece of music as the theme song for the video of the Bittersweet Farm book series is very exciting and significant.

When will all this happen?  Next month!  I can't be more specific than that at the moment.
Think of it like hidden Christmas presents you haven't seen yet.

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