Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not Low Maintenance

It's all maintenance, so I decided I was not very happy with the last cover.  I liked the international nullification symbol cover but I suspect people didn't understand it.

New cover.

We dodged the Sandy bullet and I was well prepared for it.  After Irene when the power was out for four days, I told my pal I needed a laptop so I could keep working.  He found a four year old business Dell coming off lease that was practically worthless to everyone else but very valuable to me.  That was ready, a thumbdrive with current files plugged into it.  All batteries were charged, I had flashlights everywhere, jugs and jugs of water, clean clothes, dog laundry done.  I was so ready and it was just some rain.  I'm very grateful and very sorry for those not as fortunate.

The unfortunate reality of life is that most of us have very little control over what happens to us.  We are exhorted to be powerful, but we waste more time on addressing things we have no control over and little time on addressing what we can control.

Don't do that.

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