Friday, October 5, 2012

In Under My Head

Michal Towber, the terrifically talented musician and human, introduced me to the stunningly talented artist who did the cover for her new CD.  I was so inspired, I tried to learn from Helene Deroubaix while we work on a cover she's doing for me.  I recommend her whole heartedly.  You'll see the marvelous photo for the book TBA (To Be Announced since I really haven't made up my mind yet).

I had nearly given up on my poor Ariel Robbins.  The title for her book was originally TBA, then Sweeps and that wasn't it.  Then it was Love In The Afternoon.  That wasn't right.  Tryst.  No.  I settled on Ari and the Doctor because it was that or unpublish it.

Helene has been so inspiring I came up with a new title-- In Under My Head and a new cover.

I feel that I have finally reached a place that expresses something about the soul, spirit and intention of this book and my other adult novels.

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