Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bad Apple 4, 5 and 6

I know I have fans of Maisie and Emer.  I think you love them as much as I do and I'm so grateful for your interest and enthusiasm.  There are 3 more books planned and I'm so sorry to disappoint you but I can't do them right now. 

Here's the reality of writing.  It's how I earn a living.  If something doesn't sell, I have to try to write something that does.  Bad Apple found you, you found Neal and Tru, but not enough readers did. 

I tried putting Bad Apple 1 for free on Amazon hoping that if readers downloaded the book they would be intrigued and want to continue with the story.  A lot of people did download the book but they didn't go on to purchase 2 and 3.  There were no sales of 1 after it was free.

So it's sad but that's what a writer's life is like.  You do your best and sometimes people don't connect with the work.

Read Flash and Flash of Light.  Kip and Alex are great.  Read Just Kate.  Kate and Fitch are wonderful.
Read Miss Wish's Missed Wish.  Mill and Caprice are lovely together.

Tell people when you like something.  Leave 5 star reviews so Amazon realizes it's a good book and puts it into their algorithm (people who liked this also liked) and more people find out about the books you like.  Leave good reviews wherever you go--GoodReads, Shelfari, BN, Smashwords.  We're in this together.  It's a partnership.  Writers and readers are closer than ever before in the history of the written word and we need your help.  Can't do it without your support.

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